The School of Christ (4C)
…to live 4 Christ!

A leadership development and deeper discipleship pipeline to further equip you for both life and ministry.

If you desire to go deeper in your devotion to Christ, mature as a spiritual leader, broaden your scope of ministry, learn to make true disciples, or help serve in your local church, then The School of Christ (4C) is a great way to be further equipped and trained.

The School of Christ teaches us to Live 4 Christ by our growth in these 4Cs:


Learning Christ • Yearning for Christ • Burning for Christ • Turning to Christ become like Christ!
To grow and mature in the Lord, we need more than just mere information or added busyness to our schedules, we need to know Christ Himself and to learn how to invest time in His presence, to learn His ways, and to put into practice what God reveals.

The way of Christ is a life of dying to self and relying on His Spirit in all that we say and do. A Christ-centered, co-crucified life leads to an overflowing life of love, where we daily surrender, humbly trust, and faithfully obey the Father with the goal of becoming more and more like Christ for His glory and the sake of others.

Each class will explore a topic through prayerful reading, teaching, and open discussion in order to develop spiritual growth with an emphasis on these four areas:
COMMITMENT to biblical theology…that we might LEARN CHRIST!
Thus, we will read and study God’s Word and any helpful books/excerpts to learn the essential teachings of our faith to know Christ personally and all of His life-giving ways.

COMMUNION in the holy presence of God…that we might YEARN FOR CHRIST!
Thus, we will seek to yearn for a continual increase of Christ for our personal enjoyment and rich fulfillment through our mutual abiding relationship in Him and with His body.

CONVICTION for a Spirit-filled bold witness…that we might BURN FOR CHRIST!
Thus, we will learn how to overflow with Christ’s Spirit and power to influence others toward Gospel witness and sacrificial service and mission for the glory of God!

CHARACTER to conform to Christ’s image…that we might TURN TO CHRIST!
Thus, we will mature in Christ-likeness by denying the self life toward a cross-centered life of true devotion, humility, faith, sacrifice, obedience, and love of the brethren.

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