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What I Have, I Give To You!

"Then Peter said, “Silver and gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk.” - Acts 3:6

Everyone who lives in this broken world has certain limitations and needs that they desire to have met. Some of our needs are clearly known to us and some are undetected and unfamiliar to us. Some needs are new, ongoing, and developing from one day to the next. Other needs have been with people for long periods of time and have not changed much over the years. When needs endure over a long period of time, there is always the potential for these needs to start shaping a person's identity and leave him feeling stuck and even hopeless.

Such was the case for a certain lame man who was daily laid by the gate of the temple called Beautiful who would regularly ask for alms from people hoping to simply get by for yet another day. Sure, whatever alms he would receive would be appreciated but this man had no idea that his life was about to drastically change...forever!

This man's entire life revolved around the fact that he was lame from birth. He needed to know the life-giving, saving power of Jesus Christ! For only Jesus could heal him spiritually and physically. But the idea of a new spiritual birth had never been considered by him before. This man had not truly encountered Jesus Christ before...and this was his greatest need.

It is interesting to note that God had a specific time ordained for him to hear about Jesus and to receive his healing. He knew what it was like to be carried by others and placed down at the temple gate BUT HE DID NOT KNOW what it would be like to be carried by the power of the Creator who could give him life everlasting!

Even Jesus who had the power to heal him did not make His way over to him to help him or heal him during His earthly ministry. Why didn't Jesus heal him when He had the chance to do so? ANSWER: Because it wasn't his time yet.

There are many needs that will not be met in this life and Jesus did not meet every need that existed and would not meet needs in the appointed time. Why? Because Jesus was committed to do the Father's will in the Father's way, and in the in the Father's perfect timing.

This is how to live freely in a world of overwhelming needs and heavy burdens. We can introduce others to the One who can do all things according to His grace and glory! We can freely give out of what we freely received.

We cannot meet every need of every person at any time but we can meet any person with any need in God's appointed time.

Now filled with the Spirit, Peter and John went to the temple to pray and noticed this man. Peter knew that, in the power of Christ, this man could get up and walk away as a new man created in Christ Jesus. And so the Spirit clearly led Peter to see beyond the temporal need of giving him money and believed that Jesus wanted to heal him on that day. Peter acted in faith and reached out to help this lame man up so that he could take his first steps toward new life.

How about you? Are you willing to take a first step in the direction of helping someone take a new step in a new direction? Jesus did not go around trying to meet every need that existed in His region and lifetime but He was faithfully preparing His disciples to learn His ways and continue His ministry even after He would be gone.

When people are touched by the power of God through the faith and love of one of God's faithful servants, there can be multiple needs met. The person who was immediately touched will have a new spring to their step but will help release the springs of faith in others who witness the change and transformation in their life.



- Pray for boldness in your speech to testify of Jesus.

- Find a partner to team up with to reach out to a person in need.

- Go and give to others what you have and what they need: JESUS!

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